Ker'sean Ramey was born on 4th June 1985, he has been on Texas Death Row since 31st January 2007. This website has been set up, to bring more support for Ker'sean and a place his articles, poetry etc. can be seen. Ker'sean would also like people to write to him, so if you could write to him, please see his direct address on the left hand side.

I express my creative side by things I read, and poems that I write when my spirit compels me. I am a very positive individual, despite there being alot of negativity and hatred here. I try and stay away from it cause I feel that if I feed into it, I would only attract that negativity and hatred to myself. I try and focus my time, energy and attention towards positivity. I believe that by doing this I will bring more  of that positive energy into my life. I read to keep my mind sharp, right and on point. Gaining that knowledge I feel will help me in life. Books I read to achieve this are psychology, philosophy, self-help, spiritual and I read books on leadership. When I write poems, this allows me to escape momentarily, I get lost in my writings, expressing the deep emotional feelings and thoughts I have inside. I have a lot of things on my mind, written words is my outlet, I can unburden my mind and set my thoughts down on paper. This allows me to open up. I am a strong person but I feel if I hold my thoughts and feelings will just bring me down. Possibly even hinder my elevation and growth in all things positive.

"Pieces of Me" is a poetry booklet written by Ker'Sean Ramey. He is one of the almost 300 men awaiting death by lethal injection at Polunsky Unit, Texas. Buy the booklet and get an insight into the life of a young man sentenced to death and struggling to save his life.

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For further information and to order Ker'Sean Ramey's 35-pages poetry booklet, please e-mail: You can also download a flyer in the form of a post card here.

Note: All profit is transferred to Ker'Sean Ramey's inmate trust fond for legal representation and prison-intern purchaising of toiletries and writing utensils.

If you would like to send any donations to Ker'sean, this can be done via JPAY.  Follow the instructions on the screen. Any amount of donations will help Ker'sean buy hygiene items, writing materials, stamps, as death row prisoners in Texas are not allowed to work, and they are in their cells 22 and a half hours a day, so donations to help them buy stamps will enable them to write to family, friends and loved ones.


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You can also send an email via You will need to register and have Ker'Sean's ID to hand (00999519).